Memories. 2003.
Friday, September 19, 2003
Backstage Pass
By Kevin Hopper
For the Albuquerque Journal

Before the MTV generation, radio was the best way for a band to get exposure. To a large degree it still is, but beginning with the MTV revolution and including the advent of computer technology, it’s no longer such an industry-driven chore to get your music heard.
Given the near-daily publishing of Internet radio stations, it’s possible to create a band, write a song, record it and publish it in less time than it takes to steal the new Limp Bizkit from Kazaa. What’s more, it’s possible to publish the song to the entire world rather than just the city limits.
One local would-be DJ, Jason Adams, recently created Reverb Radio, an Internet radio station, to provide not only another commercial-free outlet for music, but also a way for local bands to get their music broadcast without having to penetrate the commercial wall of sound.
“It’s been a lot of fun,” Adams said recently. “It’s something that was once a hobby and now turned into a major project— and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.”
The station plays a mix (currently 289 tracks strong) of local and national independent artists through strategic partnerships with and the streaming technology of Shoutcast.
Many of the local acts included on the rotating playlist include KI, Against The Grain, Oh, Ranger!, Rage Against Martin Sheen and a host of others. Adams said he gets requests by bands to include their music daily. He plans to keep expanding his venture (which takes up most of his nights) to include giveaways, online CD sales, videos, pictures, information on local shows and even a place to upload a picture of your band. And if you don’t have a band, you can upload a picture of your tattoo … seriously.
Adams has also put on a number of area band showcases, including one coming up Oct. 9 at The Launchpad in conjunction with
According to the station’s mission statement, the venture started with the dream of escaping overplayed mainstream music and hearing music that hasn’t been heard before. With 150 listeners daily, Adams understands the station is in its infancy and is working hard at growing the playlist and the services that he offers bands on a promotional level.
To listen to or get your music played on Reverb Radio, just log on to or e-mail Adams at

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