Jason Adams

Information Technologist

with 28 years experience

Contact: jason@jasonscottadams.com

Senior Desktop Support Tech

Current position. I work as a senior desktop support tech for a company that makes government interactions more accessible for everyone through technology.

October 2019

Kansas City, MO

User Support Specialist

I provided sole desktop support for 150 attorneys and staff at a law firm in multiple locations. Standardized a Windows 10 desktop image creation, provided software packaging and deployment of computers using Microsoft Deployment tools. Also the PBX telephony administrator.

September 2014

Albuquerque, NM

System Administrator

Provided tech support and system administration for an architecture firm. Created Windows 7 standardized desktop image, Mac OS support, supported VMWare hosts and servers, PBX telephony administrator and provided support for the suite of Autodesk products, including a rendering farm of servers.

December 2010

Kansas City, MO

Applications Support Administrator

Worked as a Microsoft SCCM administrator, creating a standardized Windows 7 desktop image, including software packaging for multiple cities and locations.

March 2008

Kansas City, MO

System Administrator

Managed Windows and Linux web hosting servers at a data center including duties such as site load balancing, data migrations, backups and control panel administration.

March 2007

Kansas City, MO

Lead Systems Support Specialist

Worked as a supervisory technician at a large law firm with over 2,500 end users. Managed call center statistics, standards and expectations. Technical coaching, point of escalation and third tier liaison for eight technicians.

March 2005

Kansas City, MO

Information Technologist

Worked as a system administrator, technical writer and database conversion specialist for a major legal software firm.

May 2002

Albuquerque, NM

Desktop Tech Manager

Worked as a manager for a company contracted to provide desktop support at a major computer chip manufacturer. Supervised technicians in three different states and supported over 5,000 end users. Also trained new employees in a classroom environment on usage of new equipment.

May 1998

Rio Rancho, NM

Communications Computer Systems Programming Specialist - US Air Force

Enlisted as a computer programmer working in COBOL, Clipper, FoxPro and Unix systems. Honorable discharge.

July 1991

Honolulu, HI and Seoul, Korea


I grew up in the flat, dry and dusty Texas panhandle through high school.

August 1973

Amarillo, TX